Production of Bath textile sets

Cotton towels start by huge machines or Farmers that grab the flowering part of a cotton plant. The cotton is separated from the stems of the plant and bundled into huge 400lb bales. Then the seeds are separated by machines or Human Resources inside a building. Afterwards the cotton is fed into huge spinneret machines that make threads of different textures and quality. Once the cotton is made into thread it can be sewn to make any number of different items from clothes to towels to back packs, bed sheets, denim, etc. Bath textile are actually a haute-coutre item of the linen family of cloth items. They require a lot of, material and stitching and sometimes a lot of sewing. Which is one of the reasons they are kind of pricey at any store.

Benefits of Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is made from the fertile soil along the River Nile. This particular cotton has long fibers, which are called staples. Long staple forms of cotton usually are of high quality and boast of an increased thread count.
• Soft fabric
When linens and towels are produced from Egyptian cotton, a major noticeable benefit is that it offers a very soft fabric.
• Enables aeration
Egyptian cotton allows air to easily flow through the numerous spaces in between stitches.
• Durable The other large benefit of Egyptian cotton products like bed sheets and towels is that they are very durable.
• High Absorbance
• Are far more absorbent
• Natural- 100% Pure
• They are not made from any petro chemicals, Material is a natural source from the earth that comes from the flower of the cotton plant.
Thus Egyptian cotton has been proofed as one of the Best Cotton demanded for its quality and luxury.

PRODUCTS Specification

Zero twist (NX twist)
There is no twist in this yarn, resulting in an extra soft and fluffy Skin feel
Combed cotton
Combing removes small fibers to reduce shredding
Platinum cotton
A rare cotton with a beautiful hand feel, the most luxurious in our range
Waffle/Honey Comb
This unique construction is terry one side and a flat weave on the other creating a soft and absorbent Set
Most of Our production are made of Egyptian cotton .

Caring for your Towel

The majority of our towels are machine washable at 60°C, and we recommend tumble drying to keep them soft and fluffy. Special Buy, branded and waffle towels should be machine washed at 40°C for best results. Fabric conditioners should be used sparingly and not in every wash as they decrease a towel’s ability to absorb water. You should also avoid using fabric conditioner the first few times you wash new towels, which will allow the excess fibres present to shed.